All of these elements can be learned

Movement and directional steps- the way you step, the length of the step, and the balance you obtain.

Timing – salsa/mambo is written in 4/4 timing.  It is important to be in time with the music to create harmony.

Leading and Following- it is part of good dancing, men lead and women follow.  good dancing habits.

Tempos (Slow, Medium, Fast)- It is important to dance in different tempos to develop timing.

Styling (From head to toe)- When one dance mambo/salsa, one must portrait style through different elements.

Neat foot work and technique – Makes the dancer more attractive and helps to execute better (shine steps).

Turns- are executed with proper foot work, spotting, and balance obtain through the movement of each step.

Dance Positions- There are different dance positions that one portrait through dancing mambo/salsa moves.

Foot Positions- is the part of the foot placement in relation to the floor.

Posture – Poise and dance hold- Good posture creates better leading and following.

Resistance- is the amount of pressure apply in hands and fingers when turning or executing a move.

Hip movement- is created through the action of the knees and placement of the feet.

Head Position- the position of the head in regards to posture, turns, and dance positions.

Spins- advance turns acquired through spotting, footwork, movement and control.

Pivots- or pivot turn, develops half turns.

Interpretation of Rhythms-must understand timing to be able to interpret and feel the different rhythms.

Interrelation of other dances- borrowing moves or steps from other dances.

Body Lines and advanced theatrical steps for shows- technique for performance.

Article by Tony D

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