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how to become a great Salsa dancer

Whether you are already dancing salsa or you are learning to dance salsa, these tips will help you become a better or a great Salsa Dancer, the best that you can be. Whether you dance salsa on 1, “break on 1”, on the first beat of the music or you dance salsa on 2, “break on 2”, on the second beat of the music, these tips are going to help you accomplish your goals whether you are dancing for fun or competition.

There are Five basic principles Foundation that you must have present at all times as you learn to dance

The first principle is Timing

Timing is everything. If you are not on time with the music, than you can’t dance. Whether you dance on 1 or on 2, you must know timing in order to break on the beat that you choose to dance on.

In addition, when you know the timing in Salsa music, you’ll be able to play with the accentuation of the different instruments in any salsa music arrangement. You’ll be able to place body movements and shines according to the ups and downs of your salsa music. I must say it again, Timing is Everything.

The Second principle is Proper Foot Work

It is very important that you have proper foot work as you learn your basics. The placement of your feet plays on important roll on your balance and movement. first and for most, you must learn your basics and own your basics, you must know on what beat you are doing your breaks and on what beats you are moving in regards to your basic steps, if you do not know on what beat you are dancing on (Timing), it will lead you to nothing but endless frustration.  You’ve got to know the timing of salsa music and own the basics first and foremost, before you can execute any patterns, and add styling. Your feet should at all times be underneath your body for proper balance. The bigger the step, the more space you have to cover, and the less body movement you can add to your dancing, on the other hand, the smaller or shorter the steps, the more body movement you can add to your body because you are tighter with your movement in accordance to your feet placement. Remember, practicing the correct way make masters, not just practicing because if you practice it wrong there is no point in practicing. Apply  these tips as you learn to dance salsa

The Third principle is Follow or Lead

The man has to remember at all times that he is the leader. The man must have proper posture in order to execute a good leading and you get it by practicing. There should not be any pushing or pulling when leading the lady. The man should never expect the woman to know what he is doing as he leads any pattern, this way he has to apply proper leading to execute the pattern. On the other hand, the lady should remember that she is the follower, and at all times try to follow, connect with what the man is trying to lead and execute. The lady should never guess what the man is trying to lead, instead she should connect with the man’s lead and execute the pattern he is trying to lead. It is not an easy task to lead or follow but with proper execution and practicing it can be accomplished. A great leader is the one that connects with the lady’s following abilities and dances at her level of expertise, and a great follower is the one that waits for the lead, relaxes to be able to execute the pattern, and connects at all times with his partner to make sure she is not guessing or back leading.

The Fourth principle is Styling

Styling is what makes your salsa dancing attractive, and to add styling to your dancing you must have the first three principles in place. Styling is a must for a woman, because in Salsa dancing it should be noted that the lady is the picture and the man is the frame.

The Fifth principle is having an Open and Positive Attitude

Attitude is the most important ingredient when you are learning how to dance salsa because if you have a good and positive attitude the results will be positive making your learning more easier and more Fun !!! Being Polite and Friendly with everyone whether they are beginner dancers or advanced dancers is important because they will feel you welcoming, friendly, and polite as you interact or dance with them.

We at Step N Dance Salsabor Tropical Dance Studio make sure that you apply all these principles as you learn to dance with us.

In conclusion,  learn the timing in Salsa Music, own the Basics, make sure you do your part as a leader or follower and apply proper foot work as you learn to dance salsa and execute all dance patterns.  Remember, when you are taking salsa dance classes or even when you are social dancing, always be polite, friendly, smile and have an open and positive attitude so that you can have fun as you learn to dance or while social dancing. If you Apply these principles you’ll be on your way to becoming a great salsa dancer.

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Article by Tony Duarte

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