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Talk about bad habits. If you always, or you have the tendency to keep your head down when you dance, or you look at other things instead of your partner, than you have a bad habit, and you are missing something that is very important when you do partner dancing, and that is eye contact, and sense of touch.

Eye contact, and sense of touch in Salsa Dancing or any type of partner social dancing is very important because it is a tool that helps you connect, and communicate with your partner without speaking; therefore you must practice it, and master it, to make it part of you, and make it a natural thing to do when you dance. You can not just ignore this discipline; it’s really more of an art within the art of Salsa dancing itself or any social dance.

Through eye contact and sense of touch, you can communicate and get across information. At the same time as part of following, when you apply eye contact, and sense of touch, you can connect and react to any type of lead, including settle movements and signals that pertain to leading when you are dancing with a partner, and this gives you a huge advantage in understanding what sort of movement or step might be coming next.

Eye contact and sense of touch is so important that in fact the more you dance and practice it and apply it, the easier it will be to connect with your partner.

What is crazy is that you might not get eye contact, and sense of touch with every person you dance with, but what you must remember is that everyone is different, so some people will dance and connect with you better than others, Therefore, whether or not your partner gives you eye contact, and sense of touch, you should always be attentive, have peripheral vision, eye contact, and sense of touch with everyone you dance with, this way you enhance your following or leading abilities.

Whenever you learn a new component or pattern, as you practice it, and you feel you are getting better in executing it, ladies try to follow with your eyes close and gentlemen try to lead it with your eyes close as well, this way you definitely will apply and practice your sense of touch, because you are compel to feel where your partner is at all times as you try to execute the component or pattern.

In Conclusion, if you have the bad habit of looking down or looking away and not at your partner, than it’s time to fix this problem. Start practicing eye contact, and sense of touch with everyone you dance with because it is important in dancing to enhance either your leading or following. Practice it to get comfortable with it, and as you do it with different dance partners you should feel more relax and comfortable until you make it part of your dancing.

Article by Tony Duarte

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