Salsa Mambo dancing is an ideal way of exercise for your cardiovascular system. It is recommended to be a workout that is beneficial in many ways. It contributes to good posture and body alignment. In addition, it increases your flexibility and stamina encouraging a total body stretch. Also, Salsa Mambo or any type of social dancing can be an alternative to socialize. Salsa Mambo or any social dancing in general is an avenue to meet new friends and make new contacts. Most important, dancing has no age limit.Here are some of the benefits that dancing ads to your life:

– For women it will enhance grace, poise, and style

– For men it will help to develop confidence and  showmanship

– Dancing gives you a chance to look good, dress up and show your moves

– Dancing is a social affair, it helps you to make new friends

– Dancing gives you a sense of achievement

– Dancing develops coordination, discipline and control

– Dancing gives you inspiration and creativity

– Dancing gives you a means for expression

– Dancing gives you a sense of belonging

– Dancing is one of the best tool for relieving stress

– Dancing puts a smile on your face, thus making you happy

– Dancing gives you the chance to interact with people from different cultures

– Dancing helps your body and mind to be in harmony

– Dancing helps to burn calories, adding health to your life

– Dancing helps our body as a cardio exercise to make your heart stronger, and your bones healthier as you get older

– Dancing helps your brain to sharpen, because it is physical and mental

– Over all dancing is a way to stay healthy, younger, and active in your social life

So Dance and enjoy life and have FUN, FUN, FUN, so dance, dance, dance, and your soul will smile away!!!!!!!

“Dance to have fun, if you are not having fun, then there is no mean for dancing.”

Article by Tony Duarte

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