Are injuries part of salsa dancing ?

can Injuries happen?

Injuries can happen, they can happen to anyone of us while dancing or rehearsing any pattern or movement, but they can be prevented. If you are dancing already or you just started to dance Salsa or any other social or competition dance, than this article will give you tips to help you prevent injuries.


When dancing stick to what you know and have control of patterns you are executing. Do not try to practice new moves at the night clubs, rather practice them in a designated rehearsal space area in a studio or any other space where you can practice where is not at the night club, especially if the moves or patterns that are difficult to execute. Always take in consideration your partner and others around you. Therefore, always do what you know and what is safe for you, your partner, and everyone else around you. In addition, be aware at all times of the people that are dancing around you, and the ones that are standing around watching.


The best place to practice or the ideal place to practice would be on a smooth wooden floor. Sticky floors, wet floors or dirty floors are the worst places to practice because they can cause you an injury or hurt your joints and knees.


When you decide to practice make sure you take precautions. First you must stretch, warm up and loosen up for at least 15 to 20 minutes before you start doing any type of physical activity like dancing, remember you will be using a lot of muscles and joint movements, than once you are warmed up, if you are doing partner work or foot work, make sure you are wearing proper shoes and attire for dancing to have better stability.

Make sure you go through the pattern or footwork slowly, it is best that you try the pattern or foot work step by step, never on a one shot. Start doing it little by little and slowly, and practice each part over and over until you have it down, once you get comfortable, than you can try it a faster pace. If you are doing any tricks or aerials you can use a mat or cushion, but most important is that you make sure you and your partner know how to get in to the aerial or trick and know how to get out of it. Make sure you study the move, and do not try to jump into it right away. Be aware of the way the hands, head, legs, body movement go before attempting the move, this way you prevent your body from twisting, or breaking something. It is very important that you know your body position, the feet position, and the proper support and balance when executing the move, aerial or trick. Remember to always do it in a safe place like a dance studio. Remember, the more you study the move before trying it, the better.


If you are doing partner work or foot work, you and your partner should be fine on your own. If you are doing aerials and tricks it is best that a professional or someone that knows the execution of the aerial or trick be present, and he or she can let you know if you are doing it or executing it the right way.


If an injury happens, you must have it check right away. Initially after a fall, you might not feel anything, but it does not mean that you are not injured. If there is pain, do not ignore it. You must get yourself to a doctor and get X-rayed. Sometimes symptoms can arise months or years later in consequence of the related injury. Take care of the problem right away.

In addition, once you go see a doctor. A medical doctor will only prescribe you drugs and will treat the symptom and not the cause. The body reacts best to holistic treatment such as acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractor adjustments and herbs. Heavy drug treatment and surgery should only be taken under last resort and extreme physical conditions.

Remember that the pain comes from stress on the muscles or bones that have been injured, so your first choice should be a natural way to treat the injury. If it is pain only of course, it can be resolved with massage therapy, chiropractor or acupuncture. Physical therapy can do miracles. If the injury is severe, like braking your arm or leg, than you must go right away and see a doctor.


Always take care of your body, and apply the tips and precautions that were addressed in this article to your dancing and learning experience. Whether or not you love to dance, any time you do any type of sports and/or physical activity you must be cautious about it.

Article by Tony Duarte

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