Private Dance Lessons

The Private Dance Lessons are Taylor for your individual need

Private dance Lessons are for people who wish to advance and learn rapidly,and have specifics that they would like to address. Private lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on the instructor’s availability and your convenience appointments may be scheduled. The private dance lessons are at our Main Location or determined by the Director. Private lessons are available in all styles and levels of dance with our professional staff. You can choose This intense, personalized attention that gives you,   The opportunity to focus on the following:

  • Topics covered include:
  • Leading & following technique
  • Proper Footwork (individual shines)
  • Turn patterns (new moves and their names)
  • How to move your body in a coordinated fashion (technique and styling)
  • How to know you’re on beat (music interpretation)
  • How to listen to the music so you can express it through your body (Time and Rhythm)
  • How to create your own style (creative movement)
  • Learn a choreography for a competition or first dance at a wedding
  • Coaching for performers and competitors
or anything you feel that you need to address with your dancing.Our Private Lessons are taught by one of our highly trained instructor.And often supervise by the Founder & Director. Policy:Private lessons are 55 minutes long. There are no exchanges on private lessons. Once booked, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required in order to reschedule a lesson and avoid full charge for that lesson. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no Cancellations, but rescheduling is permitted There are no cancellations or refunds on Private Lessons.
  • You may, however, reschedule your lesson at no additional charge with at least 24 hour notice prior to the scheduled lesson. If less than 24 hour notice is given, you will be charged for the lesson originally scheduled.
  • The 24 hour notice policy is required in order to ensure that the teacher/Instructor and the studio have ample time to rebook the time slot.
Discount Packages :
  • Discounted private packages are available.
  • Please notice that we have different discount packages. For members and non members.
  • The more lessons in the package, the less money you pay per lesson,
  • the more money you save and the more you will learn and dance.
  • Lessons must be paid in advanced once they are confirmed and booked with the instructor, or they can be paid in different payments depending on the package you choose.


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