*** No Excuses on why you should not be Latin Dancing! and having Fun!***


* Dancing is a great way to exercise and loose weight
* Dancing is the number one activity that helps you release stress
* Dancing is a social affair, it helps you make new friends
* Dancing helps your body, mind, and soul to be in harmony





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Armando Paredes
Armando Paredes

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Hello, I have been taking classes for about four months now and plan to continue attending for many more. Like many, I was nervous and wasn't sure what to expect during my first class. But I quickly I realized that the instructors and students don't expect you to know how to dance and are very friendly and understanding. No one judges you if you make a mistake and the instructors and students are more than willing to show you the right way. I enjoy the way the classes are taught  because in each class you learn something new and get the chance to practice what you already know. So I would highly recommend anybody who always wanted to learn how to dance to come to the studio and try a few classes, you won't regret it. A special mention to Toni, he is the best!

Luis Quinones
Luis Quinones

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

At Step n Dance I get not just dancing lessons but also physical exercise and emotional relaxation at the same time. I unwind from a hard work day while boosting my cardio during the multiple sessions available. The group classes enable me to experience personal differences, get constructive feedback from a dance partner, laugh when we share the same learning challenges, and celebrate once we master the steps.

It feels great being able to go out with my wife and enjoy more dancing moves. The need to learn steps, patterns and rhythm also keeps my memory more active, while working on flexing my muscles to keep up with the timing, twists, turns and balance.

From day one, I realized there was hope when by the end of class my first patterns were already coming out. Tony, and his team, provide an excellent ambiance and structure while keeping the fun going during the learning process.
Come and give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Betty Reyes
Betty Reyes

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Step N Dance is a great place if you want to learn how to dance. But it is also a place to enjoy new friends, laugh, and relax. Dance classes have helped me work on other areas of life that I would not have thought about. One of them is that I recovered my sense of sensuality as a woman, which I left behind when I became a mom. Another, is that I can relate to persons more easily, I do not feel people are invading my space. I have recovered my sense of humor, and engage in humorous conversations. Tony also has life insights that help you to dance and approach on your life. This is a place to stay, make, friends, and learn with passion many Latin moves. I love Step N dance.